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Prevent the negative impact of prolonged physical tiredness on your energy levels, health and sleep, with the help of personalized therapeutic exercise designs.

Stress Physio is an online program, designed by Ravi Shankar, who is a Senior Physiotherapist since 2004, with a post graduation degree in Counselling Psychology.

The Therapeutic Process

The program starts with a detailed online assessment of about 90 minutes duration, by a licensed Physiotherapist.

This is followed by 4 to 10 online therapeutic training and monitoring sessions, over a span of 3 to 6 months, as required by the concerned person.

Clients have to continue practicing the taught designs of exercises, to maintain the benefits in future.

Service Fees

Book Assessment Session

Book online assessment session for today, with a licensed Physiotherapist, by clicking on an appointment starting time below. Available timings will accept e-payment of assessment fees.

Join the Slow Exercise Group

Enhance the benefits of Stress Physio Program, with live and free slow exercises on You Tube.

The Slow Exercise Group exercises have been designed for persons, who are of 32 to 52 years of age and can not jog, run, jump or do gym or yoga for fitness